Bee Chic was established by Brandi Nichole in June of 2012 as it was inspired by her nickname "BEE" and loving the overall meaning of what CHIC stands for. While sitting with her former business/life coach, Brandi Nichole decided to take the meaning of CHIC to another level. She became even more inspired by her life situations, experiencing a failed business, filing Chapter Seven bankruptcy of $189,000 and a divorce. It was evident to establish a greater meaning for CHIC as confident, healed, interdependent, & courageous. While losing confidence within herself because of failures, she received hope through the soul of BEE CHIC. Through her journey, she discovered that “BEE” has a new meaning, which is “A Double Portion of You”. 



 Bee Chic is not just a brand or a powerful quote. It is to inspire women of all ages with Beauty Education, Image Building,  Self-Esteem & Confidence Coaching. It is is a women empowerment movement that is able to give confidence, courage & life to all who has ever faced trials and tribulations.

"Bee Chic is not just a brand or a powerful quote. It is a movement to inspire women of all ages to become the best version of themselves. 

- Brandi Nichole

Who Is Bee Chic?


The Mission

To uplift and inspire individuals to have a positive perspective about their overall image and self esteem through image styling, branding & beauty education. 

The Vision

To show the importance to increase & maintain your confidence within yourself, so a healthy business and personal relationship can be established.

Speaking Engagements

As an author and speaker, Brandi Nichole loves to empower and minister to women. It is her purpose to uplift, motivate, and educate women through beauty and positive self-affirmation strategy. What Brandi Nichole loves most about speaking are the results! Every woman needs the motivation to pursue her purpose with clarity. Brandi Nichole helps you to receive clarity & restores confidence. 

Brandi Nichole is now accepting speaking engagements for the following but not limited to: 

  • Beauty Shows

  • Fashion Shows

  • Ministry Workshops

  • Women’s Conferences & Expos

  • Empowerment Sessions

  • Book Clubs 

  • Youth Conferences


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